Thursday, August 18, 2005

Second Sight

Shortly before our move to Somerville, I lost my sight. That is to say, both batteries for my now-antique Canon PowerShot S110 went dead simultaneously. No pictures for me! Just at the moment when wandering around new environs most provokes the desire to "permanently see" things, I was blind.

I could have run down to the local "anything electronic" store and picked up a new battery the day I noticed it, but being the cheapskate that I am, I decided to order from a shady PayPay-only web vendor, in order to save a few bucks. Well, weeks later, and I'm happy to report that my camera is now seeing again!

The first thing I wanted to do was to start documenting the ever-changing, usually amusing Foodmaster Supermarket marquee. The current selection isn't too great, but I gotta start somewhere:

8C8B0240-EBBE-4902-A45E-C1CDF54F120F.jpg458DFD32-3E55-4F9C-87D4-0D3E26C8BEA3.jpg After the Foodmaster, I took a stroll down the street to the Praça Portuguèsa. I am going to start collecting all-things-Portuguese so our Brazilian friend can be amused and more tempted to visit


Enough with the wimpy parks, though. It's time to cruise over to Lincoln Park, where an architect friend of ours you may also know will soon be living again (OK, near the park, not in the park!). The park is pretty big, and includes a number of playing fields, basketball courts, etc. It's also sort of snuggled up with a school and I can't tell where (if) one begins and the other takes over. One of the most fascinating attractions of Lincoln Park is this circular arrangement of concrete pillars:


When I first stumbled upon the park, I thought it an odd bit of public sculpture. Then I found this strange little post with a "push button to walk" type doodad on it:


Tentatively, I pushed the button. Yee-haw! A cool mist is washing over me! This ridiculuous circle of cement pillars is awesome!


And as my yelps of relief shatter the air, the Somerville wildlife looks up in curiosity and wonderment:


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Anonymous said...

Alright, already! We'll come visit! If only to get really hot and sweaty, then cool off at the touch of a button. We get pretty much the same effect walking around SF these foggy days, minus the hot and sweaty part. Oh, and the part about the button.