Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Qathra Cafe

We are pretty lucky here in Ditmas Park to have access to several nice restaurants, some of which double as cafes. But there is a relative void of businesses going all-out after the cafe niche.

On my way to the supermarket this evening I noticed a "soft launch" for a business which seems aimed at filling that void: Qathra Cafe.

Qathra Cafe Soft Opening Sign

Looks like they'll be offering coffee, espresso drinks, and pastries at a minimum. I also spotted some bowls of hummus and other mediterranean-looking snacks, presumably not there only for the soft-launch party but also as an indicator of their menu.

The place was fairly hopping, filled I'm sure with people who are friends and acquaintances of the owners, but also with curious passers-by who I overheard whispering skeptically about the freeness of the goodies inside.

Qathra Cafe Storefront

One of the things I love about restaurants and cafes in New York, in contrast to Boston and San Francisco, is the commonness of backyard patios. On this block, Sycamore and The Farm on Adderly set a high standard, but Qathra appears prepared to run with the big dogs... err, at least, with the cartoon dogs.

Snoopy Mural

I only tried a cookie on my way out after snapping these photos, but I'll be back to check out the coffee offerings. I'm impressed by the design and apparent attention to detail. It looks like the proprietors are interested in making this a place to last.

Coffee Bar

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The Crazy Commentator said...

On my visit to Qathra, I found the owner to be rude. He seems to have a high and mighty attitude. I will give him credit for his drinks. However, the owner and his barista need to check their attitudes. The service was slow in my opinion. I mean the owner saw I was waiting but continued having his conversation. Through his frowning and attitude, I still gave a gratuity. I gave Qathra a chance but now I will be taking my business back to Connecticut Muffin.