Friday, September 09, 2005

Black Person iPod

iPod nano is about to rock my world. But I was a little taken aback by this invoice email from Apple:

 Item Product   Product Description       Total   Total   Unit       Extended
      Number                              Ordered Shipped Price      Price 
 001  PA107LL/A IPOD NANO 4G BLACK PERSON 1       1       249.00     249.00
                SerialNo.: ( XXXXXXXXXXXX )

Black Person iPod? Racist - isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Apple: [points to self] Guilty!

Jeff says: Daniel, you bought a nano? Can we have a public discussion about this product?

I'm just amazed that Apple can repackage a product they already make, and treat it as a new thing. I'm aware of the differences between nano and mini, but to me, they're negligible. And, they took away the 6GB option.

I am happy they scrapped the colors, but then again, it's getting to the point where I'm seeing more minis than iPods proper. I can't help but think Apple is pulling another bait and switch. I just wonder if teenagers of the USA will go for it.

Daniel Jalkut said...

It seems the world has been divided into those whose eyes have been opened by the iPod nano, and those whose eyes have been blinded by it.

Too me, there is no "negligible" about it. The nano is the perfect compromise between the shuffle and the mini. I don't think there's a problem in scrapping the mini because the nano improves on it in *every possible way* except for the color and, as you point out, the 6G capacity. You can be sure that a 6G (or more?) nano is on the way, though.

The nano is beautiful. The shuffle and mini are, IMHO, ugly. The nano is skip-free flash memory, while the mini had a hard disk. The nano is light enough to tape to my arm while I workout. The mini is just a bit too heavy and bulky for that.

I just see the nano as a perfect product.

Anonymous said...

I think the nano is great, but we just got a mini a month ago. I expect the mini to come back in about a year with the new perpendicular storage drives giving increased capacity to fill the space gap between the nano and the regular.

Anonymous said...

Negligible difference? No way!

Solid state = yummalicious

I've been wanting to get an iPod for my husband but since he's a hardware engineer who knows all too well the pitfalls of hard drives it was a no go situation until now. And having worked on products (ala Tivo, etc.) that put strain on HDs 24x7 I had to remain skeptical also, despite the many happy customers.

I'm stoked that after 10+ years of turning his back on Apple products (and he used to work on them, just like me) he's now excited about one. It's arriving next week!

Daniel Jalkut said...

hi Yvil! Glad to hear the news about 'Son's return to the Apple product fold, tentative as it may be :)

I'm happy to report that my nano arrived and is everything that it is cracked up to be. I haven't actually used it in practice too much, because I need to get a little arm-band thingy or something so I can use it while I work out. I don't want to spend $30 on the Apple one.

The only real negative I've encountered thus far is that, even with the "dock" adaptor that comes with the nano, it doesn't work well with my little Bose-wanna-be iPod speaker-base unit thingy. Without the adaptor, I can prop it up so it gets a charge from the unit, but since Apple put the microphone jack for the nano on the same side as the docking plug, I can't both charge it (with that unit) and hear music at the same time. I'm tempted to start drilling holes in it to try to make it work, though...