Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nasty Nor'Easter

At this point the few of you who are still subscribed to this blog are probably scratching your head and wondering, "punk it up? who is this?" I apologize for the month-plus delay in shouting the news from the Nasty Nor'East. I've been swamped with work and other obligations, and furthermore I've completely slacked in my Foodmaster sign-shooting duties.

While "Nasty Nor'Easter" sounds like the stage name of somebody opening up for Li'l Kim, it's actually a weather term, heard this morning on the local news.

Shit howdy! I kid you not, as I finished typing the above paragraph, the dang Nasty Nor'Easter cut the power for one second - long enough for my Mac to power off. Amazingly, my blog editor (MarsEdit) does autosaving and miraculously kept the above intact.

Anyway, I guess a Nasty Nor'Easter is what you call it when winds up to 50MPH accompany non-stop rain, and the power goes out for one second at a time. Isn't that fun? I'm heading to MicroCenter to get a UPS today, if this is how things are gonna be. Actually, I think only the term "Nor'Easter" is official weatherese, but a search for "Nasty Nor'Easter" in Google reveals that it has been used by at least 600 other people. Even "nor'easter" is cool by itself. How many "official" terms have you seen that include apostrophic contractions?

All in all, this storm isn't bad. I'm not leaving the house or nothing, I mean except to get my UPS, but it's not bad. At least I'm still able to type and publish this, despite the one second power outage. When you won't hear from me is when the cheerful morning shows announce the arrival of the "Nasty Bitch-Ass Fo-Shizzle Nor'Eastin' Mutherfu'er." I'll be hiding in the bas'ment.


Anonymous said...

At first I thought this was some weird religious thing like anti-Easter. Then I realized that you're in the north east so it must be something with that. And now they are testing the fire alarm system at work and it turns out it's silent with strobes going off once a second which ends up looking to me like my monitor is about to kick the bucket and it's pretty unpleasant. The end.

Daniel Jalkut said...

See, in the West things are so mellow, they have to cause a ruckus by doing exciting things like "testing fire alarms." Nature tests things, out here!