Sunday, October 04, 2009

Homemade Pizza.

Homemade Pizza.
Won't come close to what we just had in New York, but I'm steadily putting distance between me and anything we can buy in our neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

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Bill Coderre said...

Looks pretty dang decent. I definitely like the cheese browned like that.

Did you make the crust from hard flour? Cook it on a stone in a million-degree oven?

In your neighborhood, I'd go to Mike's in Davis Square. Not thin crust, but very very good. And actually, Bertucci's is delicious. Every time I go back, I eat some and never regret the calories.

Daniel Jalkut said...

Hi guys - thanks for the comments.

More info:

The crust is from scratch. Just water, yeast, salt, flour, and enough olive oil to coat the ball while rising.

I use regular all-purpose King Arthur flour, but have been meaning to experiment.

I cook on a pizza stone that has been warming in a 550+ oven for an hour or more. The instant heat from the stone and the overall heat of the oven means it cooks in about 5 minutes, which is getting closer to desired "NY style" speed.

Thanks for the Mike's suggestion, Bill. I haven't tried it yet. I am pretty allegiant to thin crust (unless it's chicago style "pizza"), but I can appreciate all styles if they are delicious.